On August 1, 1998, J.K. Tropical Fish Ltd., Part was established by the Kanjanahaluretai family. The goal of this discus hatchery is to produce a beautiful, High-Quality Discus. The initial intent was to produce discus for the domestic market in Thailand. We are now branching out into the international market. J.K. Tropical Fish Ltd., Part is continuously developing new strains of discus.

Our farm uses the most modern techniques to conserve water, thus increasing the water quality on our farm. This enables us to increase the health and quality of all our fish from fry to breeders. We have a veterinarian on staff to continuously monitor the health of all our fish. This allows us to ensure the production of a strong, disease-free fish A filter system is used to maintain a high water quality along with water changes twice daily. This ensures the optimum health of our discus. It is our intention to develop more interesting strains in the near future. At present we are breeding the following strains: Albino turquoise, Albino snakeskin ,Leopard, Leopard Snakeskin, Gold Master, Blue Snakeskin, Red Snakeskin, Red Snakeskin spotted ,Pigeon Blood, Red Turquoise, Red Melon, Red White, Red cover, and Special red turquoise.

We are not providing you only discus but also many various kinds of ornamental fishes, exotic rays and aquatic plant. With over 300 tanks and ponds to quarantine their own health of discus, fresh water fishes and exotic rays that can make you trust in our product quality.

We are the ornamental tropical fish exporter, who obtain disease free farm certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operative of Thailand. Just feel free to be our partner and do not hesitate to contact us for further information at jiravutka@yahoo.com, jiravutka@hotmail.com.